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We have female examiner available if required. Jason is  APA, BPA Certified and can arrange tests in the same week you call us.


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Jason Hubble

Do You Need a Lie Detector Test Dubai or UAE?

Jason Hubble APA, BPA, NPA from Lie Detectors UK visits UAE

Due to overwhelming enquiries, we now offer our services for locally conducted Lie Detector tests Dubai and the UAE. Expert examiner Jason Hubble APA, BPA, NPA will fly from London to you. Jason is a qualified expert examiner, frequently referred to by news organizations, with over five years managing Lie Detectors UK, the UK’s number one lie detection company and is in demand globally.

Jason is regularly featured on TV and in newspapers and has been involved in some prolific cases in his career. He is well respected as one of the leading examiners in the world, using the latest technology and techniques available today in the industry.

As you can appreciate our costs to visit the UAE do make a lie detector test significantly more expensive than in the UK, however do contact us and we can provide a full quote for our services and discuss your case in confidence and explain the process in detail to you.


Accuracy of a Single Issue Polygraph test.


Over two thousand tests run by Jason Hubble in the last six years.


Qualified Examiners that work for Lie Detectors Dubai including a female.