Pre-Employment Testing

You can use polygraph testing to check the background information of a new recruit. It can sometimes be harmful to blindly trust a resume or even references. There have been well-known cases of fabricating stories to gain employment in big organisations. With the help of an accurate lie detector test, you can determine if a potential employee is actually worth hiring. Finding the truth becomes even more important if you belong to the public health and safety industry. If you’re hiring for a hospital, chemical plant, airline, or a similar business, it’s crucial to ensure that you’re hiring the right person. With a polygraph test, you can get an accurate result of their background.

Domestic Dispute Resolution

If you’re facing a domestic dispute such as sibling abuse, addiction, child issues, damaged property, or other such problems, a lie detection test can be helpful. We have solved several domestic cases including conflicts, babysitter accusations, theft, sexual abuse, and parental neglect. All these problems can be resolved with a high-quality polygraph test. You may or may not be in a similar situation. Whatever the case may be, the truth will help you out. We can provide support to you as you solve your domestic cases without going to the government authorities. Give us a call for a free consultation over the phone and we’ll help you out. Anyone over the age of 14 is eligible to take the polygraph test.

Employee Theft/Fraud

Are you suspicious of a stealing employee? Have your possessions or prescription medicine disappeared from your office or home? It could be one of your employees, but how can you find out? With a polygraph lie detection test, it’s easy to find out who has been taking your things without your knowledge. Several employers use a polygraph test to conduct investigations to find out if their employees have any knowledge of or involvement in a theft or embezzlement case. It is important to let the employees know that they will be tested for a particular case. Reassure them that they will not be asked any personal or intrusive questions that are unrelated to the investigation.

Post Conviction Sexual Offender Testing (PCSOT)

Sex offenders generally deny their guilt. The PCSOT is done to refute or verify the denial. A polygraph test can break down the barrier of deception and reveal the truth. It helps solve the case and makes the offender take responsibility for their actions. One main excuse that most culprits claim is the denial of awareness of the age of the victim. With the help of carefully crafted questions, the truth can be brought forward so that the victim can get justice. Polygraph testing can make the job of law enforcing authorities even easier as the facts become clearer, thus facilitating the decision making process.

False and malicious allegations

If you’ve been falsely accused of any act such as cheating on your spouse or business partner, cheating on a test, fraud case, theft, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, or lying on an employment application, your reputation is at stake. You may be denied a job promotion or access to your children. You need to prove your honesty – don’t give up. With our lie detection services, we can help you reinstate your good name. Call us for a consultation and we’ll help you out. We keep all the details confidential to help your case.

Bribery/Kickback allegations

If there have been bribery/kickback allegations on you or in your organisation, a polygraph test can get you to the bottom of the case. Whether the accusation is on you or one of your employees, the truth can be revealed with a lie detection test. Bribery is something that cannot be verified or refuted by a medical exam. A polygraph test is the only way to determine the honesty of the subject. For all types of bribery or kickback investigations, contact us and we’ll provide a free consultation on phone. The results from our investigations can be used in filing a case in the court of law


For all types of investigations, it’s important to find the truth. No case can be solved unless the complete truth is found. For any accusation made on you or on someone else, you can reveal the facts with an accurate lie detection polygraph test. We handle all kinds of investigations including employment cases, insurance investigations, media affairs, domestic disputes, bribery allegations, and false accusations. We can handle all types of cases, no matter what kind of investigation it is and however complex or difficult it might be. Our experts have years of experience in determining the absolute truth that can help all types of cases. Call us for a free consultation on phone.

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